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 Forum Rules v0.1

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PostSubject: Forum Rules v0.1   9th September 2010, 9:18 pm

Forum Rules v0.1:

Thanks for joining our community.I hope you have fun here.
There are some rules.One of the importants things are this:


For a infringement is more like of a warning. More infractions, more like of a bad reputation you will have in the forums.

1. infringement = A warning
2. infringement = Points deduction =P
3. infringement = Demotion
4. infringement = Temporary ban
5. infringement = Permanent ban, and account deletion

1.Treat each other with respect at all times.
This is pretty obvious, but please do respect all members of the forums, regardless of age, gender, or whatever the case may be. Do not argue with anyone, especially the staff. Doing so will result in first infraction. We all should be treated equally. It would make no sense to push other people around.

2.No Misleading links, and/or Rick Rolls.
Please! NO misleading links! If you are going to post a link, please describe what the link leads to. If it misleads to something else, like a Rick Roll, or a pornographic site, please, don't hesitate to report it to the staff! If you are caught doing this, it will result in a possible fourth infraction.

3.No Pornography.
This is a forums site, not a place to post all sorts of porn on this clean site for other gamers. This results in a fifth infraction. NO PORN GUYS!!!!

4.No Spam.
We do NOT want to see people spamming regular pages just to get more posts. It must be relevant to the topic. If spam is found, it will be removed quickly.The person who spammed they will get the rank: Spammer

5.Flaming is limited.
As the name of this rule implies, flaming is limited. This means you can say anything you like, but however.... NO, and I mean NEVER, I forbid racial slurs.

6.No advertising.
Don't advertise your own site, unless I approve as one of our affiliates. No one wants to see your pretty work you did on your site^^.

7.No torrent and/or ISO/ or ROM links!
First of all, I am not going to be blamed for hosting illegal downloads on this site. Also, downloading torrents is illegal, and same goes for ISOs. If you post a link here, that contains a download to ISOs and torrents, then you will be banned for some weeks.You can get 4. infringement


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Forum Rules v0.1
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