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 Waninkoko's cIOS installer rev20b released

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PostSubject: Waninkoko's cIOS installer rev20b released   1st August 2010, 11:06 am

Waninkoko's cIOS installer rev20 released

Tools that were supported in rev14 (Triiforce) are now available again in rev20.

The Follow IOS you can patch to cIOS (custom IOS)
Main IOS Version Features
IOS36 v3607 Stabil IOS
IOS37 v5662 for music in USB gecko and MH3
IOS38 v4123 Stabil,works good
IOS53 v5662 Wii Fit Plus need this
IOS55 v5662 updated DI-Module some games use this IOS
IOS56 v5661 use some games (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
IOS57 v5981 better USB Support
IOS60 v6174 SDHC Support(maybe better Wi-Fi Codes)
IOS61 v5661 SDHC-Support
IOS70 v6687 SDHC Support(maybe better Wi-Fi Codes)
IOS80 v6943 SDHC Support(maybe better Wi-Fi Codes)

-you can control with wiimote1 or gcncontroller

-The Custom IOS Installer allowed from the 20th revision to install in cIOS in many different IOS slots.

-Also available since the 20th revision 50 installation slots to choose from. The following cIOS slots are free:


-All Slots from Hermes cIOS Slots are not free (202,222,223,224)

-You can choose yourself in what for an IOS slot you install cIOS, But recommended slots are 249 and 250.


CIOSX installer rev20

- Added support to IOS36, IOS53, IOS55, IOS56, IOS61 and IOS80
- Updated IOS37, IOS38 and IOS57 bases
- Installer supports GameCube pads
- Installer supports custom slots
- Installer network code improved
- IOS modules timers fixed
- MLoad module improved (new calls and fixes)
- FAT module rewritten (using FatFs)
- SDHC module improved (buffers and cache)
- DIP plugin improved
- ES plugin added
- FFS plugin improved
- IOS reload block implemented (only works correctly with DVD titles)
- Identified titles cannot use custom modules
- NAND emulator improved (fixes and usage of new FAT module)
- MEM2 protection disabled by default
- AHBPROT flag set to allow HW access from PPC
- Easter egg added
- Miscellaneous improvements and fixes

CIOSX installer rev20 b

-Small Bug Fix

The Download is rev20b with the FIX


mfg Pati

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PostSubject: Re: Waninkoko's cIOS installer rev20b released   1st August 2010, 12:34 pm

Thats good o tried it and it works perfect. cheers
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Waninkoko's cIOS installer rev20b released
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